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Dedicated to help those who have suffered residential and commercial property damage from hail and windstorm.

Extensive Review

Our team performs extensive review and analysis of your property, before providing a realistic synopsis of loss and cost of replacement and/or repair.


We take professional photos showcasing the detail of damage and loss, to ensure that nothing is lost due to poor visuals or questionable descriptions.


We work directly with your insurance carrier in a manner that streamlines the process of filing a claim, to ensure that you're compensated in the shortest timeframe possible.
Insurance Claims Matters | Royal Adjusting Group, Inc.

Royal Adjusting Group

Licensed Public Adjusting Firm

You may not be an expert, or even informed on insurance claims matters, so when disaster strikes you don’t know where to turn. In times of catastrophe, insurance companies often hire new, unexperienced adjusters and inspectors to deal with the massive number of claims.

That means there will likely be plenty of things missed, or incorrectly stated, in their inspection report to your insurance company. This could result in you receiving a denial or underpayment of your claim.

You need an insurance claims expert on your side to help relieve some of your stress, and we are that expert. We advocate and represent you with your insurance company to get your claim paid.

Public Adjusting Service

A public adjuster is a professional expert in the insurance claims field who has the knowledge, training, and licensure in the state to assess property damage, prepare insurance claims and represent property owners in claims matters with their carrier. A public adjuster solely represents policyholder (you, the insured), but your carrier’s adjuster represents the insurance company.

What We Offer

We Handle Everything

Public adjuster handles all meetings with your insurance company’s representative, adjusters, and engineers to negotiate the claim.

Insurance Policy

We review your insurance policies, in great depth and detail, with close attention to any documents that affect the nature of your adjustment.

A Company With Integrity

Once we’ve completed our evaluation and documentation, everything is submitted to the carrier for approval.